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Every homemaker wants to solve problems without wasting time, money and energy. What we have here is a cornucopia of ideas, recipes, tips and recommendations for making our daily life easier. It is a miscellanea of topics from kitchen chores, to cooking, washing and ironing, indoor and outdoor gardening, pet care, and traveling recommendations. You ask around and everybody seems to have their own ideas on how to solve a problem. There are thousands of such ideas in all cultures, which have been passed down from generation to generation. I believe we are losing a lot of that knowledge because of the great abundance of supermarket products. Knowing how to do things makes life easier and more exciting too. Besides, it is a pleasure to help other people with their problems. That is the idea behind this site. Apply the information on these pages to cut down on food waste, discover hidden characteristics in meats, fish, and vegetables, which will enrich your daily menu. Find useful washing, ironing and stain removing tips for all your clothes. Try ideas on how to prolong the life and good shape of silk, velvet, suede and more. You’ll also learn useful beauty secrets passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. It is a universe of small homemade miracles. For those who have time to experiment and want to save money in the process, will find this information useful, easy to use, and downright amusing. You will make up for your lack of experience with the experiences of hundreds of people who have tried these useful recommendations for years. Take advantage of products right at our fingertips and make your life easier and more fun. I hope you enjoy your journey through athousandtips.com.